Frankfort Tanker Repair

Frankfort Fire Department Body and tanker replacement 2007 Kenworth Left side of body damaged. Tank replacement EST. $50K

Tanker Pumper

4000 Gal. Tanker Pumper. 2008 freightliner FLD120 Military Surplus Semi Tractor. Poly Tank by APR Plastic. Whelen / Tecniq lighting package Hale 1250GPM Fire Pump Thru-The-Tank Latter Storage Power Porta- Tank Rack Newton SS Swivel Dump BNBFD Design and built Pump House and Body. Inhouse work for all electrical and plumbing. EST. $270K

Whitefish Pumper

Whitefish Township needed to replace its aging 1978 engine/pumper. So Whitefish received a chassis on a grant from the Department of Defense and turned to B&B Fire for the rest. B&B Fire personnel sat down with the department’s leadership and designed an apparatus from the chassis up. Beginning with the body from a 1989 International […]

Benzonia Rescue

Benzonia Township’s old rescue truck was at the end of its road. So township officials purchased a 2012 Dodge 5500 chassis and hired B&B Fire to build a replacement body. Designed by a committee and completed on time and on budget, the custom-built body is a 14-foot walk-in rescue with a cascade system. Special features […]

Columbia Township

Columbia Township turned to B&B Fire on an accident claim. In just six months, we refurbished Columbia’s damaged vehicle. We kept the chassis and pump, custom-built the tank and body, and added porta-tank storage and hard suction storage before painting it in-house.